I see you, sister.

Half marathon training can be intimidating.

You're dying to do one, but don't know if you're ready.

What if you're too slow, and come in last?

What if you can't handle the training?

What if you can't even finish???

Or...maybe you've already done one - and it was a total shit-show sufferfest, and you want a do-over.

But you're scared it will be the same thing all over again.

Girl, I see you.


You can do this.

You just need the right plan, the right coach, and the right community.

The Not Your Average Half Marathon Class has all of that and more.

In just 16 weeks, you’ll go from 5K to half marathon - the RIGHT way.

Feeling confident and strong instead of embarrassed and exhausted.

Able to breathe and go the distance instead of wanting to quit.

Staying motivated and excited instead of quitting.

I’ve tested this program on literally hundreds of women, and it works every damn time.
Every. Damn. Time.
Hi!  I’m Jill Angie, and I created this program for you: the not-so-average runner.

You dream about finishing a half marathon, but when it comes time to making it a reality, you hesitate.

What if you're too slow, or can't do the training? Are you in over your head?

I get it. I've been there. I understand you.

I'm not just a running coach - I'm a life coach.

I know how to coach you on all the mindset issues that are holding you back. I know when to give you tough love.

I also know how to get you  across that finish line feeling like a rockstar.
Here’s what you’ll
learn in 4 months:

Proper running form

Improving your breathing
Choosing the best interval

How to plan your training runs
How to stay motivated

Finding good running gear

Building confidence
Staying consistent

Finding the perfect race

Race day strategies

Dealing with the weather

Fueling and hydrating
How to stop negative self talk

How to stay accountable to yourself

The Course Includes:

4 month training plan, designed by a fat running coach who has been exactly where you are right now

Private FB group for questions, accountability, community and celebration of your successes!

Two group coaching video calls each month

Recordings of each call

PDF downloads of all course materials

Weekly lessons and exercises to help you implement what you’ve learned

This class
is for you if:

> You are a woman who is really excited about finishing a half marathon, but isn’t quite sure how to start, or thinks maybe she’s too fat, slow, old, (or something else), to do it.

> You can comfortably finish a 5K right now in 60 minutes or less.

> You’ve done a half marathon in the past but it didn't go how you wanted and you want a do-over.

> You want community, coaching and accountability to turn your plan into ACTION.

> You want live feedback from a coach who’s been in your shoes, and has coached hundreds of women JUST LIKE YOU across the finish line.

> You love the excitement of training (virtually or otherwise) with other women like you - making connections and new friends - and realizing you’re not alone.

> You love the feeling of doing something difficult and feeling proud of yourself afterwards.
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Frequently Asked Questions
I’m a beginner who just started running a few months ago.

Awesome! If you’re currently able to run/walk 3 miles in 60 minutes or less, you can do this course. You can walk as much as you want or need to in this program. There’s no requirement to run the whole thing.

Can I walk part of my half marathon?

Absolutely! In fact, that’s what I recommend for most people. This course will help you figure out what the best ratio of running to walking is for you.

But what if I want to run the whole thing?

That’s fine too! I can help you build in more running to move you towards that goal.

I don’t want to go too fast too soon.

I don’t want that for you either. This program will have you going at your own pace - there’s no requirement to change up your intervals or go any faster than you already are. We want you to be successful and proud - not injured.

It’s hot outside.

I hear you. It’s hot everywhere. But they run marathons in the Sahara. We’ll teach you how to dress so the weather isn’t an issue - and how to master the treadmill so you can keep training when the weather keeps you indoors.

I canceled my gym membership because I never used it. This could turn out the same way. I’ll sign up and quit before I ever get started.

I get it. But this isn't a gym membership - this is a results-oriented program with one goal in mind - getting you across that finish line feeling proud. Plus you get lifetime access to the class materials!

I weigh over 200 pounds and my brain tells me I’m too fat to run.

I've trained clients at 250+ pounds who finished their races like a boss. You can walk as much as you want or need to in this program. There’s no requirement to run the whole thing.

I don’t have enough time.

Here’s the deal. Everyone has a crazy life. Half marathon training doesn’t take nearly as much time as you think - if you can can run three times a week, with longer runs once a week, you have enough time to train. Most people spend more than that on Facebook every day.

I have an injury. Is it OK to do this program?

If you’re injured, the first thing you need to do is get well. Go see your doctor, get into PT, and join the next class when you’re healed.

How is this different from your books?

This plan based on my books, but with the added component of live coaching and support from me and my team, the support of a like-minded community, and a ton of additional tools that are only available in my coaching programs.

I’m nervous about making the commitment. I have a tendency to get excited about things and then quit after a few weeks. Will calls and online support be enough to keep me accountable?

The calls and online support are just one aspect of the tools we provide to help you learn to be accountable to yourself. We'll also teach you how to create motivation for yourself, and there will be a whole community of women just like you who have your back.

I did a half marathon a few years ago, but it was awful. I don't want to repeat that experience.

The whole point of this program is to show you how to train consistently, and help you stay on track and accountable. We'll help you with strength training and stretching to keep your body strong and supple, and with the nutritional aspects to keep you fueled for performance.

I’ve already done a few half marathons and I’m past the beginner stage - is it still OK for me to join?

If you’re already doing the distance, that’s awesome! This class can help you with some of the finer points of training as well as working on your mindset and inner mean girl.

I’ve been doing your free 6 week training course, is this the next step?

Not yet! We'd rather see you complete our Up & Running class first. Please email to get in that class.

I’ve started and stopped a lot of half marathon training courses. I don’t believe I’m motivated enough to stick with it.

Here’s the deal. Motivation is something you create, not something you have. In this class you will learn the skills to create motivation.

I travel a lot and don’t know if I’ll be able to attend the group coaching calls.

All of the training calls are recorded and posted immediately, so you don’t need to attend live to get what you need!

Where are you based (time zone)?

East coast.

When are the coaching calls?

Twice a month from June - September. The calls days and times vary from week to week. Most of the calls will be on Mondays and Thursdays.

Do I need any special software to attend the calls?

Coaching will be done over BeeKonnected, which is a free program you can download to your phone or computer. Video is not mandatory, you can also join with audio only.

Got a question that's not answered here?

Email and we'll help you out!