What is RYBL Ultra?

RYBL Ultra is an all-access pass to all Run Your Best Life Virtual Retreats and Masterclasses. It allows you to attend every virtual event hosted inside RYBL for one low monthly or yearly price.

What is a Masterclass?

It’s a 30-day online deep-dive course on a topic outside of running.

The first class will be an in-depth class on food prep and cooking skills taught by Coach Jen. There will be five 90-minute cook-along group calls with Jen, lots of templates, cheat sheets and recipes, and a Facebook group for Q&A when you need it.

We are also planning a 30-day nutrition masterclass and a third home organization class for 2021, both taught by outside instructors with support from the NYAR team.

How many Virtual Retreats and Masterclasses can I attend with Ultra?

All of them, as long as you’re an active Ultra member!

Do I get access to past masterclasses and retreats when I join?

Yup! When you become an Ultra member, you not only get access to future events, but you get all past events as well for as long as you're an Ultra member!

Does RYBL Ultra include in person events?

No, but we will be offering Ultra members a 20% discount to in-person events when they resume in 2022

What are the 2022 Virtual Retreats and Masterclasses?

We are planning two Virtual Retreats and at least 3 Masterclasses on topics such as food prep/batch cooking, nutrition, home organizing and more. As long as you are a current Ultra member you can attend any and all of them at no extra cost.

February: Yoga Masterclass
March 18-20: Virtual Retreat
June: Advanced Self Coaching Masterclass
September: Body Image Masterclass

October 14-16: Virtual Retreat
November 3-6: In-Person Texas Retreat

What if I can’t make everything live?

Even if you can't come live, you’ll have full access to all the recordings and other downloads as long as your membership is current!

What if I only want to go to a couple of things and not all of them?

That’s absolutely your choice. We’ll give you full access and you can choose what you want to attend. And since we give you full access to the recordings, you can change your mind later and go through them at your leisure.

How much does RYBL Ultra cost?

RYBL Ultra is $990 a year which covers the cost of all the existing content and coaching calls available in the standard membership as well as access to all of our virtual events and masterclasses.

Can I pay monthly instead of annually?

Of course! You can join RYBL Ultra for $99 a month.

We love the annual rate because you get 2 months for free, but if you’d prefer to pay monthly that’s totally cool with us! You do you, boo.

What if I only want to go to one Virtual Retreat or attend one Masterclass next year?

We get that. Sometimes you just aren't interested in all the extra events or classes or you only want to attend one or two and that's fine, too. You can totally do the events a la carte without an Ultra membership.

Will Ultra save me money vs. buying a la carte?

Great question. Short answer: yes. Here’s the breakdown:

2021 Virtual retreats: $299 each
2021 Masterclasses: $199 each

It would cost about $1,200 to attend 3 masterclasses and 2 retreats at the a la carte price on top of your $49/mo or $490/yr membership.

Ultra is just $990/year or $99 per month. Meaning that you save about $600 a year by upgrading to Ultra. That's a 50% savings off the a la carte price!

If you know that you'll want to attend more than 2 events next year, then Ultra is a no brainer.

How do I upgrade my existing subscription?

If you are already on a monthly subscription, upgrading is easy. You'll just click here to purchase ULTRA monthly or Annual, start your new subscription, and get access to all of our virtual retreats.

If you are upgrading from an annual subscription, upgrading will be done by the team manually. Email support@notyouraveragerunner.com so we can help you get upgraded.

Can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?

Yes, you can.

We are including a monthly payment option so that people who want to join Ultra but need to spread out the payments over 12 months can still join.

We hope that our members will not take advantage of the ability to upgrade or downgrade at any time by upgrading to attend a single event for cheap and then downgrading the month after. If we notice that happening we will have to re-evaluate how we offer this membership level.

Will you still have strength, yoga and cooking classes in RYBL?


We aren't taking anything away from RYBL (in fact we'll be adding some more cool stuff). You'll still get the monthly yoga, strength training and cooking classes even if you don't upgrade.

RYBL Ultra simply gives you a chance to get all the retreats and masterclasses for one low price.

Have additional questions that we didn't answer here? Please email us at support@notyouraveragerunner.com and the team will help you out!